Born in 1952 in the metropolitan borough of Whitechapel in the east end of London. I grew up to my late teens living in Stepney and canning town I obtained a passion for steam trains having seen the demise of steam trains in the late 60's early 70's. always remembering the steam Golden Arrow as it steamed by the farm were I stayed  with my dear Nan & granddad. whom used to take me hop picking with them in the late 1950's and early 1960's. wow what a great time I had down on the hop farms around Goudhurst and Paddock Wood in Kent. watching trains go by. raiding the orchard now and then with the other children whose mums and dads were in the hop fields.
life was so uncomplicated then…...I sometimes wish I could turn the clock back.
moving on. my family moved to Canning Town in the east end of London.
I stayed till I left London in the early 1970's and moved to Thetford, Norfolk. England.
I tend to specialize in transportation subjects mainly railroad locomotives and heavy road vehicles. 
my principle interests are heavy Electric Locomotives. Articulated Locomotives and American Interurban Locomotives.

Guild of Railway Artists.

I joined the guild in 1983 (25 years ago) has an associate member hoping to rise through the ranks and eventually become a full member one day. in those early days of the guild I sought information and criticism from other members to try and advance a distinctive style that I wanted to produce and that I could call my own. I went on to gain full membership in 2007 with a look to my illustrations that I could finally call my own and was suitably different from other members within the Guild of Railway Artists.

I am currently the co-coordinator for the South East and East Anglia group.

in the early 1980’s I tended to work in black and white using a Rotring pen producing many pen and ink sketches and drawings of smaller types of locomotives. I was very interested in black and white photography and the look and mood that it could portray. I then progressed on from pen and ink drawings to using graphic pencils which gave me the look I was trying to achieve. through these times I trained as a draughtsman using both traditional methods and digital methods of drawing.

Current Works.

these days I tend to drawing and paint the more complicated types of locomotives and road vehicles still using graphite pencil and paintings usually are executed in acrylic and cell paint media using a combination of brush and airbrush. I am currently working on a series of drawing of large electric locomotives used by the Milwaukee road railroad in the pacific northwest of America when these are finished the next locomotives are a series of Garratt's from around the world.  

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